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What’s Wheel Connect?

Other than a cheesy word-play for ‘we’ll connect’, it’s a meet-up hosted by Oregon Spinal Cord Injury Connection. It’s not a formal support group, but people who come have felt supported. The group meets in a casual, public setting like a pizza parlor, brewpub, or restaurant. There is no agenda other than welcoming others and making new friends. Everyone is welcome! 

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What is the OSCI Peer Network?

The peer network is a group of people who are thriving after a SCI. They respond to requests for information, services, or resources from patients, families, and providers and connect them appropriately. The peer network draws on the collective body of experience, wisdom, and social capital of the community of people in Oregon and SW Washington who live with spinal cord injury.

Who is an OSCI peer?

A peer mentor is someone who is thriving after a spinal cord injury or caring for someone living with a SCI. A thriving person has adopted positive coping mechanisms, has strong self-awareness, is grounded in self-acceptance, and is well-adjusted. They are engaged in their community and invite others to join.

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